Our mission is to be a leading research centre in future studies in Iceland, in effective co-operation with companies and agencies in Iceland and abroad; to participate actively in society-related research projects and other social projects and work on independent and innovative projects in various fields of future studies; to raise awareness among the public and business community of the value of differing approaches in the field of future studies; and to define the driving forces affecting progress in Iceland and abroad.


Our mission is not to make a financial profit for our shareholders from our operations.


We will work towards fulfilling this mission in various ways, including:

  • working together with foreign universities and agencies working in the field of foreign studies;
  • teaching forward-looking strategies and planning and management courses as well as participating in larger projects and students’ practical projects;
  • conducting our own surveys and studies, holding conferences and publishing and contributing to larger planning projects;
  • taking part in international projects in the field, joining international organisations and co-operation projects and inviting guest speakers;
  • applying this multidisciplinary, comprehensive approach to various social projects, whether in a specific field or for more wide-ranging studies of individual areas.